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2020 School Staff

Principal                       -        Mrs. Elizabeth Trewick

Year P/1                      -        Ms. Denise Nihill

Year 2                       -          Mrs. Tracey Angove

Year 3                       -          Miss Jacinta Dullard

Year 4/5/6                    -        Mrs. Casey Frew / Mrs. Kim Portwine

Administrative Officer  -        Mrs Nerida Murray

Education Support       -        Mrs Sandra Price

                                    -        Mrs Christine Carty

                                    -        Ms Sheryn McCormick

Religious Education    

Coordinator                 -        Mrs Elizabeth Trewick

Special Needs             -        Mrs Elizabeth Trewick

Technology Support    -       Mr James Graco

Learning & Teaching   -        Mrs Elizabeth Trewick

Visual Arts                   -        Ms Denise Nihill

Science                        -        Mrs Tracey Angove

Languages                  -        Mrs Elizabeth Trewick


Physical Education      -        Mrs Casey Frew

Performing Arts           -        Mrs Casey Frew

Cleaning                      -        Mrs Tina McKenzie

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